Black & White for Signs

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Continuous development of new products for the sign and display market has resulted in the launch of A-Cast Black & White. As with all A-Cast products, Black & White has an inherent UV stability and weather resistance, making it suitable for use outdoors and in all environments.

Used in combination with a suitable strength light source, A-Cast Black & White creates a sign that delivers strong contrast at all times, day and night. From this one product, a sign can be constructed which appears black during the day and reverses to white, once illuminated at night. The intention is “to deliver maximum visibility 24/7” according to Asia Poly Commercial Manager, Chih Kang Tung.

“The product is at its most effective when box letter or brandmark signs are fabricated from the sheet with full face illumination from an LED or fluorescent light source” adds Tung. However, A-Cast Black & White can also be used to produce a simple animated effect by blocking the light source from parts of the sign face and illuminating the sign intermittently.

Whatever design is employed, applications using A-Cast Black & White assures the signage delivers maximum visibility and hence, maximum exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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