Showing A-Cast in its best light

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With sign and design applications of the product regularly appearing in the trade press, A-Cast has more recently featured in Professional Photographer magazine.

Professional photography was commissioned by Asia Poly with a brief to show the versatility of the product and the vast range of colours and effects. In order to portray these properties and to produce clean, contemporary design elements for use on the company’s website and in its literature, an abstraction of the A-Cast product name was designed with the letters a and c combined.

These branding elements were polished and formed from a single piece of the material and shot against a blue background using the product again, this time in its semi-finished sheet form.

Using a single telezoom reflector to control the light and show the colour and luminosity of the product, when shooting the fluorescent versions specifically, the edges had to really glow and not flare out. A good test for the photographer and the lighting set up alike, the camera position changed many times with the light set at around three to four feet above these small, fabricated elements. Even from that height the telezoom light shaping tool worked exceptionally well to produce either a balanced light across the whole plane or a small, tailored hotspot for a variety of different images.


Burnt out to bright white and perfectly formed around the product, the hotspot then fell off to black in the space of just 10 inches (see image above and the front cover of our fabrication guide), producing a spotlight much like you would see in a theatre. The resulting images certainly offer a sense of drama and we think, work well to show the A-Cast product in its best light.

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